Nguyen Hoang Sinh – PhD (Marketing)30612_GCK4245

Founder & Ex-CEO

HCMC Open University

Sinh is a senior lecturer of marketing since 2007 at Faculty of Business Administration, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam. He is also a teaching assistant of marketing at School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand during his PhD study.

He was the recipient of two prestigious scholarships: the 2013 New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Awards for a PhD in New Zealand and the 2004 Australian Development Scholarships for a Masters in Australia. He recently co-authored a textbook on Public Relations (in Vietnamese, 2016) [ISBN: 9786045969137] and has published in several journals including the Journal of International Business and Economy [ABDC ranking], Journal of Economic Studies [ISSN: 0866-7969], Journal of Science and Technology Development [ISSN: 1859-0128], Journal of Development and Integration [ISSN: 1859-428X], and Journal of Science [ISSN: 1859-3453].

His research interests include marketing communications using self-conscious emotional appeals in social and health behaviour, in particular topics related to the persuasive use of guilt and shame messages in public health. He is the recipient of the 1997 Da Nang University of Economics Rector’s award for academic excellence and the 1993 Doctors to the World award for his extraordinary achievements in high school. He is a peer reviewer of the Journal of International Business and Economy since 2013, the 2017 AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference and the 2017 ANZMAC Conference.

Contact me
Tel: 0808 4169 ; Mobile: 0964 915 801
E-mail: sinhoanguyen@yahoo.com
Alt: sinhoanguyen@gmail.com

Suite 403, 35 Ho Hao Hon St., Dist. 1, HCMC
Tel: 08 3838 6604
E-mail: sinh.nh@ou.edu.vn




  1. Dear sir, My name is Thao Ly (Thảo Ly). I have just sent you an email via address: sinhoanguyen@yahoo.com . I tried to contact you at number (84)-919-666-432, but the owner said that number was not owned by who called Sinh.

    Please let me know how can I contact you. I just want to ask you some points in your lecture.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Truong Thi Thao Ly.

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